Visit us Monday-Friday at the Dallas Market Center, unit #10014.  

Trade + Wholesale

Design Trade

We are here to assist you.  We understand budgets, deadlines, tear sheets, time constraints and other expectations.  We've been in your shoes before.

Prices shown on our site are retail which is how we sell to the general public. Please contact us to establish a Trade Relationship.  With proper documentation, you are eligible for discounts, tax free transactions and other benefits.

Looking for something specific?  Think of us as your personal shoppers.  We have long established relationships in the industry and travel world-wide to source for product. There's a good chance we can find what you're looking for.


Whether you are looking to buy by container or by piece to re-sell in your store or on-line we need to talk.  We have been in your shoes as well; we can speak your lingo, we know your challenges and we are here to make your job easier.  

Most of our Studio Collection is available for wholesale.  Depending on your volume and location we offer exclusive rights to many of our designs.  Contact us and let us know the size of and location of your business.  We'll be in touch and where possible introduce you to a local sales rep. 

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